What is document management?

Simply put document management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents, functions that many organisations partake of every hour of every working day, the question is how many hours are they spending on these tasks, and how efficient are their existing workflows?

Companies create and receive documents both electronically and through hardcopy daily. A purchase order received via e-mail a shipping statement created electronically, a hard copy delivery note and possibly an electronic invoice, all documents needed for the most basic of sales transactions yet all in differing formats, relating to one sale.

All going well the invoice will be paid and marked as such, but what happens when the customer disputes the contents of the order, who picked the goods from the warehouse and packed them for shipping, how many where shipped who signed the delivery note to accept the goods at the customer site or even who placed the order? This is when your staff and customers will become frustrated spending time chasing the relevant people for answers, with a document management solution all documents for that transaction are stored electronically in one location regardless of their original format allowing for quick and easy access to pertinent information to resolve disputes in an efficient manner, freeing up your staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

This is a basic example of a Document Management Solution for help with improving your workflows and improving staff efficiencies please us our contacts page to arrange for a consultation.